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PAGASA Medical Missions and Madison Volunteers for Pag-Asa Medical Missions, Inc.

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PAGASA MIssion 2006
Getting Involved
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Here's how you can choose to be a part of the Pag-Asa mission:


Volunteer Your Time

Medicine and supplies have to be organized and distributed for each mission site. There are packing and repackaging sessions in Dr. Manalo's home 2 months prior to each scheduled mission. Please contact us if you would like to partake in the preparation.

Inquire about an Upcoming Event

Fun activities are a great way to get people involved. Here we might describe some of our organization's activities and include a link to the "Recent and Upcoming Events" page.

Make a Donation

Cash donations are deposited at the M&I Bank of Hilldale under the account of Pag-Asa Medical Missions, not-for-profit corporation No. M050355 under the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Medical Donations

Here we might list the names of people to write to or suggest signing an online petition.

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